Tantalizing, Artistic Wine Pairing at 2012 UV Wine, Art & Music Festival

"Mmm ..." 12x24 acrylic ©Sandi Whetzel
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This tempting, sensual wine pairing will make it's artistic debut at the 43rd Annual Umqqua Valley Wine, Art and Music Festival in Roseburg, OR, Sept. 8 and 9, 2012.

"Mmm ..."  he's thinking as he reaches for the wine bottle.  But what is she thinking?  If you could see a close-up of her facial expression she might be thinking, "Mmm, he's cute. I'm looking forward to him choosing me." Or, she could be thinking, "Mmm, could he be the one? Should I submit, or hold out for a better offer?"  It just might be a shift in the power play between them.  What's your wine fantasy?

When I came up with this concept for my most recent painting, I realized it was a pretty simple composition that needed a little more detail other than the man's hand reaching for the beautiful wine on a plain table. The addition of the checkered table cloth provided the necessary detail, as well as a little Italian restaurant ambiance.  In the bargain, the treatment of the table cloth added a sense of depth perception leading up to the wine bottle and beyond.  You might not realize how much thought and planning is required in the composition and execution of paintings I dream up.

Besides great wine and food and various artisan creations, festival attendees will be treated to thrilling music performances by the Lloyd Jones Band, DK Stewart Band, and Velvet Whiskey.  For entertainment schedules, directions and ticket information visit here

Admission to the festival Saturday, from 11 am - 10 pm is $10 and Sunday from 11 am - 5 pm is $5.  Children ages 12 and under are admitted free.  There will be free wine sensory and cooking with wine classes, as well as the Cool Rides Car Show.  Other activities include Umpqua's Got Talent Finals, Motorcycle Show, Wiener Dog Races, German Band, Wineries, various Artisans, Beer and Food Booths and Family Fun Activities.

Lloyd Jones, Portland, OR roots artist, combines New Orleans rhythms, the simplicity of Memphis music and the rawness of the blues, all for the 21st century.  This music is not about louder and faster.  It's about time, meter and groove.

DK Stewart has been a guiding force behind several North West bands that have gone on to national acclaim.  Tributes to New Orleans, Chicago blues, East coast swing and rockin' boogie woogie can be heard in all the original music by this thrilling band.

If you attend this festival I hope you'll stop by to see my art in my booth 10A and introduce yourself.  I'll be serving up 6 new refreshing varietals among my growing series of wine acrylic paintings.  It will be a dose of visual intoxication without guilt or consequences. You can see more of my art here

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