NAKED WINES IN JULY? A Wine and Art Prints Promotion at FineArtAmerica

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Observing my sensual wine narratives for the first time, people entered my art booth a little over a week ago, repeating what others had said.  "You must really like wine." Others softly whispered at first, then  increasingly louder, uttered, "Wow...Wow...WOW".  Mostly, I heard, "You must drink a lot of wine".  I jokingly replied, "I do my bit to promote the wine industry".  What I meant was, I promote wine through my art--not by the wine I consume.

I do like wine, but I don't drink much--I'm trying to reduce my waistline. Instead, I explore how to tickle your senses in ways you have not seen in typical wine art. I imagine surprising, surreal, wine scenarios: Sensual. Seductive. Tantalizing. Romantic. Playful. It's almost as if I produce advertisements for the wine industry.

So what do "Naked Wines in July" have to do with this post? Besides getting your attention, the headline is relevant:

Fine Art America, the company that fulfills print orders from my website, is running a special wine and art print promotion this month.  Any orders from my website,  come with a $100 Gift Certificate good for your first purchase of wine on NakedWines.com, a company based in Napa, CA.  Even if all you order is a greeting card of my art, you will receive a $100 Gift Certificate for your first wine purchase at NakedWines.com.  

If you don't want the wine, you can email the $100 Gift Certificate to a friend who wants to purchase wine and they will be grateful to you.  For details about your gift certificate for wine, click here:  To learn more about NakedWines.com,  click here:  To see all the locations they ship to, click here: Order your print to get your $100 Gift Certificate for wine here .

                        About my greeting cards online:
Awkwardly cropped image on card
  • 5" x 7" coated w/UV protectant semi-gloss finish
  • matte white finish inside, optional customized text message up to 500 characters
  • horizontal or vertical orientation with choice of white or black background

    • price, same as generic greeting cards, $4.95 ea./price/shipping breaks on multiple cards/packs
Don't like the initial cropped image on the card?  Adjust the image size to fit the card better.  Choose a white or black background for a more pleasing card orientation.  See the pictorials, (below) to see how I changed an undesirable cropped off version of my painting, (above) to a full view of my image on the card during the ordering process (below).  I used the provided slider tool to shorten the image enough to fill the full length of the card.

Better full view of image on white card

Now the image is not cropped off at all.  Much better, but I can do more with this greeting card image.  Instead of leaving the background of the image white, I can visually extend the image by changing the background to black.
 This card version rocks! Details, here

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