Tip for the Day: How to Get Rid of IncrediMail's MyStart Page

I have been using IncrediMail's free version as my email client for several years and really like it.  Recently IncrediMail gave me the option to upgrade to their free version Incredimail 2 which has many cool things added to the program.  When I upgraded I saw that  the upgrade would make IncrediMail's MyStart page  my new homepage.  I wasn't sure I wanted that because I like FireFox as my homepage. As a novice pc user I timidly chose the advanced option of upgrading to make sure that I could control my homepage options.  Well, some where in the process, I neglected to uncheck the box that makes MyStart my new homepage and  MyStart became my new homepage instead of Firefox.

I googled " how to get rid of Incredimail's MyStart homepage" and found all sorts of complicated procedures for removing MyStart which were way too technical for me.  I read comments from perplexed users that stated their efforts to remove Incredimail's My Start were fruitless because whatever they did the MyStart home page kept coming back.  Some "wanna be" tech advisers commented that MyStart was a virus.  I was pretty sure that wasn't true because IncrediMail makes money by selling their more deluxe version of the email application and they would be shooting themselves in the foot if MyStart was a virus.  I even read that the only full proof way of getting rid of MyStart was to uninstall IncrediMail. I didn't want to give up IncrediMail just to get rid of the MyStart homepage option.

I decided to email IncrediMail technical support and I received a fairly timely response which was easy to implement. I got rid of IncrediMail's MyStart and restored FireFox as my home page.  So far it is working swell. For anyone who does not wish to make IncrediMail's MyStart your homepage, and would like to set something else as your homepage, please follow these steps from IncrediMail's incredible support team:

1.  Go to your desired home page.
2.  Once the page is loaded, select the 'Tools' drop-down menu and select 'Internet Options'.
3.  Click the 'Use Current' button to set the web site you are currently viewing as your home page.
4.  Click the 'OK' button.

In addition, to prevent IncrediMail from alerting you regarding the change you have made in the future, please do the following:

1.  Open IncrediMail.
2.  Select the 'Tools' drop-down menu and select 'Options'.
3.  In the window that opens, click the 'Security' tab and uncheck the 'Notify me about changes in my       homepage settings' checkbox.
4.  Click the 'OK' button.

I think the second part of instructions regarding the 'tools' option within IncrediMail might be very important in keeping the home page you want.  In my search for a solution I read that a person had tried resetting the internet options of their desired homepage as described above, but the change was not permanent.  MyStart kept returning as the homepage.  Maybe telling Incredimail not to notify you about changes in your homepage settings is crucial to keeping the homepage you desire.  I hope somebody finds this information helpful.  If so, commenting about this post will be appreciated.  I normally use my blog more as a portfolio of my art, but will occasionally share tips I have found to be helpful just because it seems like the right thing to do.


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