Succulence, Too! A Painting So Three Dimensional It Casts its Own Shadow on Itself!

Succulence, Too! 30x30 acrylic ©Sandi Whetzel

Succulence, Too! 30x30 Acrylic
Originally uploaded by sandiwhetzel

Succulence, Too! is the companion to an earlier painting, Succulence! in which I really went three dimensional with one leaf that actually physically extended outward from the canvas.  I really got carried away with this sequel. The two lower leaves actually come out of the canvas and fold up to themselves as they near their tips. The biggest leaf in the center actually folds down and dangles free of the canvas, casting its own real shadow below it on the painting.

First I poured the shape of the three dimensional leaves with a co-opolymer pour on a sheet of glass.  After the poured leaves dried on the glass sheet I  pulled them off the glass and glued them to the canvas, shaping them into the folding positions.  I allowed the end of the leaf in the center to dangle free from the canvas. Then I applied molding paste texture with a palette knife to a number of the leaves. The glazes of color came last. The two large three dimensional folding leaves near the bottom cast their own real shadows on the leaves at the very base of the plant. This delectable succulent outdoes its predecessor in succulence!

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