The WORLD, Coos Bay, OR: Art news columnist reviews Coos Art Museum CAM Biennial--323 reasons to vote for people's choice

Wine on the Vine III 24x20 ©Sandi Whetzel
I'm so delighted to report that my art at the Coos Art Museum, CAM Biennial, has received a very favorable review in the Friday, Oct. 31st edition of The World, Coos Bay, Oregon's local newspaper. From 323 art entries/reasons to vote for the People's Choice, Teri Albert, columnist for the newspaper described two of three of my works displayed at the CAM Biennial:

"Brilliant hues and a light touch with her subject bring Sandi Whetzel’s Wine on the Vine paintings to a place near the top of my list. She combines acrylic with a co-polymer pour to fashion transparent, glass-like textures on her paintings. The fiery palette of Wine on the Vine II fairly pops from the museum wall, while Wine on the Vine III sports a cascade of plump grapes, tumbling into a beautifully rendered goblet. No wonder that Whetzel’s work has been used to promote the wine industry of the Umpqua Valley. To this imaginative artist I say, cheers!"

And on top of that, one of my wine paintings, Wine on the Vine III, I think, is also pictured in the actual newspaper, I'm told. I'm getting my hands on that newspaper issue ASAP. I was mildly hopeful about winning the People's Choice Award before this, but now I'm really hopeful.

Teri started her review by piquing readers' interest in voting for their favorite art works to determine which lucky favorited artist will receive a SOLO EXHIBIT at the CAM in 2009. She also commented on the work of two other artists. You can read all of Teri's reviews of the CAM Biennial by clicking HERE.

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